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Exermet GM

I have been using Exermet GM for about three months now and I can say for sure that this medicine helped me control my blood sugar and lose my weight. Before Exermet GM I was on some other medications and they produced quite different effect: some used to drop my sugar too low, others caused dizziness and blurred vision, and still others seemed to produce no effects at all. With Exermet GM everything is much easier - the pills help me forget about my problems and cause absolutely no side effects. Diabetes is a horrible disease especially when it is in a bad condition and you have to carefully observe your eating regimen and take meds in time, otherwise you could faint right on the street. My husband suffers from diabetes as well and what is amazing, is that Exermet GM worked very well for him as well. Now we both take the medicine and we are happy with it.  

by Sheila Swan, Miami

I've been using another medication for just over three months for my Type 2 diabetes. At first the results were great, I was happy to find the relief for my problems. But then I noticed considerable decrease in the effectiveness and soon the medication stopped producing any result at all. My doctor said that I developed kind of resistance or addiction to the medication and my body stopped reacting on it. That's why I had to switch to another diabetes med and luckily it was Exermet GM. I've been using this medication for more than a year now and I can see no difference in the way it worked the first week and now. Stable positive effect. Moreover, Exermet GM helped me to get less than 200lb from my 245lb. and I hope this is not the limit and I'll continue losing weight without exhausting exercises and crazy diets. I've had no difficulties or side effects with the medication.  

by Marc Jacobs, Toronto

I just started Exermet GM several days ago after my doctor switched me from another diabetes medication as it showed no significant improvement but caused me a lot of pain in the ass. I have experienced many side effects, starting from simple migraine and ending with vomiting and blurred vision. I drive my car very often and such unpleasant surprises are unacceptable for me. So during this week on Exermet GM I haven't noticed any changes for the worse and this fact makes me very happy. In addition I can say that I feel myself better, and there is no that uncontrollable urge to eat all day long that resulted in 30lbs of extra weight. I do hope that the tests will show positive dynamics as well and then I will honestly tell everyone that Exermet GM is the best medication for my diabetes that I have ever tried.  

by Andreas Fitzpatrick, Rome

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2008 and since that time I have been on many different medications before I finally found Exermet GM. This medication helped me solve the majority of my health problems related to the disease. I have been on Exermet GM for about 2 years now. I have noticed positive results almost immediately after I switched to this medication from another one. My sugar levels have dropped and now they are in the normal range. What is very important is that I face no difficulty in maintaining the levels with the help of Exermet GM. In general I find this medication magnificent - no side effects, no weight gain. Only effective treatment. I would recommend this medication to other people.  

by Nicole Weiss, Boston

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